Severn Bridge, Prices, Charges and Tolls

Prices tolls and costs to cross over.  
The Severn Bridge was open by HM the Queen on the 8th September 1966.
The Bridge is a 1594 Metres ( 5240 feet ) long suspension bridge with a deck that is supported by two main cables between two steel towers.
The Severn Bridge is in almost exactly the same location as the old Aust Ferry.
The towers rise approximately 120 metres ( 400 feet ) above the river and are of hollow box construction.

Tarriffs and crossing charges are show in the table below and are effective from 1st January 2014.
Tolls are charged in a Westwards ( towards Bristol ) direction Only.
Motor Car, including Motor Car with three wheels Up to 9 Seats £6.40
Light or Medium Goods Vehicle, Motor Coach, up to 17 seats or up to 3,500KG £12.80
HGV, Motor Coach, vehicles with 18 seats or more from 3,500KG upwards £19.20
Trailer - there is no extra charge for trailers or Caravans Free
Disabled Persons vehicles, no charge if a holder of blue disabled badge Free

Disabled Badge Holders Procedure:
When arriving at a manned toll booth, you should hand your Blue Disabled Persons Badge to the Toll Collector. The Toll Collector will then check the validity of the Badge, that the Badge Holder is in the vehicle and will record the Badge details. The Badge Holder will then be asked to sign a form, if they are unable to sign, the driver can sign on their behalf. The Badge will be returned and the barrier raised for you and so you may continue your journey.
Motorcycles and Disabled Badge Holders are exempt from Toll charges. Also there is No extra charge for towing Caravans / Trailers.